Inflatable Accessory

Remark: The Accessories' color and shape may be a little varied from above pictures due to technology update.

NO.:A-20 A-20 Air blower
NO.:A-19 A-19 Paddle boat
NO.:A-17 A-17 Hot dog machine
NO.:A-15 A-15 Popcorn machine
NO.:A-14 A-14 Sand bags
NO.:A-13 A-13 Velcro suit
NO.:A-12 A-12 Sticks & helmet
NO.:A-11 A-11 Boxing gloves
NO.:A-10 A-10 Bungee cords
NO.:A-9 A-9 Harness
NO.:A-8 A-8 Crash mat
NO.:A-7 A-7 Trolley
NO.:A-6 A-6 Banner
NO.:A-5 A-5 Soft balls
NO.:A-4 A-4 Air pump
NO.:A-3 A-3 Air blower
NO.:A-2 A-2 Air blower
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