Five Tips for Usage of Inflatables in Commercial Promotion

Businessmen must want to make their advertisement persuasive and creative so that their commercial promotions succeed in the end and sell will be promoted. There are five principles for advertisement:

1)Getting Attention;
2)Processing Information;
3)Evaluated Information;
4)Get Attitude Formation;
5)Get Intentions and Behavior Done.

At the same time, profit is the prior for businessmen. They definitely want to get their production promoted and spend the least. Then businessmen should use the inflatables as their advertising channels. The followings are some tips for this kind of advertisement.

  1. According to the budge and promotional aims to choose right sort as in commercial promotion. There is inflatable production mode, inflatable bouncer, inflatable blimp, inflatable air dancer and inflatable balloon. Different goals of the commercial promotions will need different type of promotional inflatables. The inflatable air fly will cost the most. But its effect is the best.
  2. Choose removable banners or digital printing. The removable banner is just suitable for the average promotional inflatables, while the promotional inflatables, which are very special or unique, could be printed digitally.
  3. Weather decides the usage of the inflatables. When encountering bad weather, businessmen should abandon the idea of using inflatable air fly.
  4. Rent or buy? The commercial promotion is short-term and as normal as the other companies’ advertising, then probably rental promotional inflatables are the right choice. Unless the commercial promotion is very unique and has strong characteristics, to design a suitable promotional inflatable will be a must.
  5. Check inflatables before and after the promotion. Before the advertising, make sure the inflatables can be used in the next few hours or days. Patch any leaks with the emergency fixes. After the activity, make sure the inflatables to be cleared with wet cloth or mild detergent. Whatever the inflatables are rented or purchased, the above steps are their necessary maintenance.

The above ideas are just some kind of suggestions from the writer. In fact, businessmen could have various choices among their promotional inflatables. They can combine promotional inflatables with other advertising media to boost the advertising scene. Many businessmen would choose to use visual and acoustic equipment to help the inflatable promotions. Besides, different promotional inflatables can be selected together to be use during the promotion.

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