The Brief Introduction of Inflatables

The inflatable develops from the Second World War. The origin of inflatable is the artificial inflated weapon modal which is created by the allied armies to interfere the battle strategies of the counterparts. After war, the American advertisement company Tomsen created one kind of inflated advertisement modals of some cartoon characters in the cartoon Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Unexpectedly those modals were received huge popularity and attracted lots of other advertisers to copy. In the help of those inflatables, the reputation of the American Disneyland has been boosted among the world.

But at the same time, the inflatables also are made for the recreational uses. People own large backyards in their own houses and there are plenty of holidays, so they love to hold up some parties from time to time. They use inflatable tent as their shelter and use inflatable games for their kids’ amusement. Then inflatables are popular in the home gatherings. Further then, the venue organizers realize that they can make use of the inflatables in their event. Then inflatables begin to be widely used in all fields.

But most of people will think of inflatables because they have been a new advertising medium in the latest decades. They just need some simple design and huge size, and then they can be an eye-catching promotional tool. Now they are made mainly of PVC, hypalon and nitrylon. Their tough tarpaulin material makes them be used again and again under proper maintenance. Compared with other expensive media, promotional inflatables will cost much less than the others. But their effect is as obvious as others. Most of them can be used within two to three years. The longest time can be five years. Smart people will quickly figure it out that the cost per day is extremely low. That is the reason why it is the prior choice for businessmen.

In a summary, there are all kinds of inflatables, like inflatable bouncer, inflatable castle, inflatable slide, inflatable pool, inflatable boat, inflatable arch, inflatable air dancer, inflatable balloon and so on.

The accessories of the inflatables get development at the same time with the inflatables developing. At first, the inflatables were inflated by manually blowing. But by far the inflatables are attached with modern blowers or pumps, which increases the convenience of the infaltables.

In a word, Inflatables are portable, convenient, foldable, money-saving and various.

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