The most common usage of inflatables(I)

This is the third chapter of the series of “A Look Into The Inflatable Industry”.

There are many kinds of inflatables. We will go through all these kinds and then you will have an overview of inflatables.

  1. Bouncer. In different place, bouncer have different names, like moonwalk, jumper, trampolines. If bouncer designed like house, then people call it bounce house or bouncy castle. The simpliest bouncer only has mattress, and can be bounced up and down over it. It’s not safe, as you know, especially for kids. So somebody add four walls around and a ceiling on the top, it’s bounce house. When Safety is not the problem, bounce house looks for a beautiful design. And then, dora bouncer and spiderman bouncers appear in people’s sight.
  2. Sides. Wow~. I personally think everyone like slides, say nothing of kids. Some guys spread a very thin mattress on their lawn and spout water on it and slides on it getting much happiness. Kids like slide from high to ground, and they like cartoon theme on slides. You may have seen elephant slides or santa slides before.

Ok, have a break today, we will go on the second part of “the most common usage of inflatables” tomorrow.

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