The most common usage of inflatables(II)

This is the third chapter of the series of “A Look Into The Inflatable Industry”. And this is the part II of “the most common usage of inflatables”, hope you like it.

We talked about inflatable bouncers and inflatable sildes yesterday. Let’s go on our topic.

  1. Inflatable fun city. Built like a city either in true-life or in fairy tale. And usually this city contains bouncer and slides or obstacle, some cities even has inflatable sport. See inflatable fun city in some parks? Here you would have known that fun city is very huge and heavy.
  2. Infltable sports. There are many kinds of inflatable sports. If you like climbing, inflatable climbing wall will do. Run, obstacle, boxing, inflatable basketball, many and many. The advantage of inflatable sports is that you will not hurt youself, while the disadvantage is that you may not play to your heart’s content if you want to see much hidropoiesis.

Have a break. Go on tomorrow. :)

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