Get Your Kids Stretch in the Inflatable

Statistics said that nearly a third of kids spend less than two hours playing outdoor per week in the UK. And five per cent of the investigated parents said that their kids have no time at all playing outsides. The figures come from a report by the Woodland Trust. Two thousand parents are investigated about their family’s outdoor activities in the survey. 50 per cent among them agree that it is very important for their kids to get out of the house. 28 per cent of the parents surveyed preferred visits to the beach and trips to local parks and woodland areas followed with 24 per cent. And still ten per cent of parents said their family preferred to stay indoors watching TV or playing computer games.

If you want your kids to get some exercises, but you have a lot of objective reasons which limit you and your kids, for example, you have to go to deal with the house work after a long-day job in the company, your home isn’t near the gymnasium. Then you should think about buying or renting an inflatable toy. Here inflatable toys refer to the inflatable bouncer, inflatable jumper, inflatable castle, inflatable water slide and inflatable obstacle course. There are large inflatable toys. You can inflate them on your backyard or your garage. If your home is large enough, you can set up the inflatable toys indoors. The inflatable toys are made to be many different themes, your kids can get the relaxation from the colorful background and they also can get the real view in the inflatable toys during the playtime. So even though your kids won’t go outside, they can relieve their eye stress from the green color of the inflatable toys.

Besides, it is very convenient for you parents to erect the inflatables, which needs three to five minutes by the pump. Your kids can have a good chance to exercise after school for about two hours in the inflatables before they go to sleep. It is better for them to watch TV and play computer games all night and become obese in the future. Some kids suffer from the some diseases, which would occur in the late period of one’s life, because they lack of exercise and over-ingest fat.

The inflatables are economic. Parents don’t worry about the money and the maintenance. When the inflatables get punched, you just need to repair with kit plasters. You don’t need to bother to drive far to get the after-sale service.

So why don’t choose an inflatable for your kids?

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