How to buy a good inflatable in China

Try to search inflatables on Google, more than 3,200,000 results will be shown you. Among the searchers, at least 50% people are just starting an inflatable business, and not so familiar with this industry. This article is to help you become professional on inflatables in 5 minutes and find a pefect inflatable in China.

At the first beginning, exclude trading company and middleman, as it makes no sense to do business with them. They just help to increase your budget. Nowadays more and more Chinese factories can speak English, so why not buy from the direct source?

After you sift out the factories from lots of companies, your next challenge is to distinguish who has best quality among hundreds of inflatable supplier, but it’s not the proper time to compare prices now.

Nearly all the companies declare their material is 0.55mm tarpaulin and more than 80% people trust it, so they pass to next step and start their hard journey on comparing prices. Obviously it’s a big pain to compare prices among so many companies because everyone says trust me, my quality is the best, who will you deal with finally?

You may always think that the thicker the material is, the better the quality will be. But that is absolutely wrong. If someone declares they use 0.6mm or 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin to sew inflatable bouncers and slides, please ignore and look for next one. As they are just trying to attract you to purchase by thicker material. 0.55mm PVC tarpaulin has been regarded to the best material for stitched inflatable games. If you are professional on inflatable product, you will know clearly 0.6mm or 0.9mm is just used to make sealed inflatable, such as paintball bunkers, water trampoline and inflatable boat.

Except the 0.55mm tarpaulin, another problem is the interior baffles. When people compare price and quality, only one tenth of them will mention this question. It’s too easy to be ignored just because it is inside the inflatable structure. The interior baffle is also the key point for price. Sometimes the price will be very different due to different baffles, especially the inflatable slide, which needs lots of baffles to keep the shape, if use bad material to replace good baffles, price will be nearly 20% down. So you see the big difference. Ask the company send you some actual photos of inflatable product and do not forget to ask about their interior baffles.

Besides the baffles, you must pay attention on the stitching. Most of factories just do double stitching on the jumping area, but if you spend a bit more time, you will find some ones can do triple and quadruple stitching in key areas inside the base of the unit. This will help to prolong the operating life of your inflatables. In another words, you will save much money for your future business, as all people know, repair cost is very high in USA and Europe.

Now it will be about price. It’s important to remember every extra penny deserves its value when you make decision on where to buy. You will have to face lots of different price, some price is high, but some is even lower than you imagine. But will you go with the lowest one? At least I will not, because I know when the price is lower than average, it’s hard for me to make sure if their product will be in high quality. You will consider if the product that you will finally receive is old, used, or the material is changed, or the baffles is different? Do not try to find the lowest price, because you will never find.

When you do business with Chinese, at first make sure they are a legal company. Because when you visit a website, there may be only 1 person working there. Maybe the one talking to you is only a family workshop. Obviously that is not what you are looking for. Most of Chinese factories prefer to receive payment by wire transfer. So remember only send payment to a company bank account.

If someone gives you a personal bank account, keep away from them. Because they will disappear once they get your money. Do not think police can help you with money back.

Before you get ready to place an order, call them and to see if the sales person is professional enough. Let them introduce some of their most popular inflatables for your first purchase. Ask them send you their certificate of inflatables and blowers. Most of companies can just supply CE/UL certificate of blower, but if they can send certificate of inflatable, it will be easier for you to clear custom when the inflatables arrive the port. Certificate of inflatables will be also helpful for insurance.

Finally when is the best time to purchase? Many people start purchasing in spring, but if possible, you can start purchasing as early as you can. Spring is the hot season of purchasing. Factories will get many orders if their products are popular, so if you order at that time, you may have to wait one or two months till your order is ready for shipping, plus transport time one or two month, you have to wait about 3 or 4 month to get your inflatables. So some people choose to buy at the end of year, then they have enough time to wait, what’s more, the factories will offer max discount at the end of year. So if you have gotten everything ready, why not buy earlier?

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Make money with inflatable obstacle course

Inflatable obstacle course is usually huge inflatables with obstacles. Like many other inflatables such as inflatable slides, bounce houses, it’s very popular in birthday parties. Do not like other boring games, inflatable obstacle course can add sparkles in the party. Obstacle course is indispensable to a successful party.

Run inflatable rental business is not so hard with the most fun and durable inflatable obstacle courses in your rental room. Pay attention to your inflatables’ quality. Obstacle courses constructed with replaceable wear panels can add years of life, and more rental life means more profit.

The most important secret for rental business is that you must have repeaters.

Apart from entertaining, the inflatable obstacle course also helps the children to learn and improves children’s intelligence. You can run indoor parties with inflatable obstacle course, encourage the children to be a part of various activities. With the different types and sizes of inflatable obstacle course, the children can jump through the hoops, race with each other, push the different obstacle and have great fun. Inflatable obstacle courses are monster size fun, they will never forget the exciting party. Whether preschools in your area or high school graduations, they all will be attacted by inflatable obstacle courses.

With these above features, I think they will come at least for two or three times, now you have repeaters. And without a doubt, you will quickly recoup your inflatable investment and find that even one obstacle course will dramatically increase your revenue. Soon, you will be the source of fun and laughter for next school event or carnival, church youth activities and any other festival.

Come on! The economic depression doesn’t seem so badly like before, huh? This longer version of the classic obstacle course is always a blast for kids and adults alike.  With inflatable obstacle course and other games, kids can enjoy themselves at the party and have a good time in your rental party.

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Giant inflatables can promote your business greatly

Giant Inflatables are large inflatables.  In a broad sense, advertising balloon, blimp, bounce house, tent, and other inflatable product with a large size can be called giant inflatables. What we are talking about in this article are those specialise for your business promotion.

How giant inflatables can promote your business?
With a giant inflatable, you can certainly make an instant brand awareness. We can see a lot of marquees all over the country, now you have giant inflatables, you can make a effect as marquee everywhere. Many chances are, giant inflatable is an easy way to attract media attention.  You know, increased visibility always means increased profits.
The shape of giant inflatables is another advantage of it. You can design an unique one and create it and pop it up any place as you like.  Unlimited design creativity is amazing as the state of the art technology. Unique and custom and arbitrary, you’ll love it so much.

Giant inflatable is the best value for you marketing budget. It is made of fabrics and paint with inks. It it easy to set up, easy to transport. Another important factor you can’t miss is that it can be fast produced, especially helpful for urgent promotions. As it is large, you do not have to live in fear of missing it.
Now you want to order a giant inflatable for your business? Choose the best manufacturer!
The following checklists are intended to itemize important considerations in order to determine the suitable manufacturer for your business.

* Skill in design, tools, computerise
* Prices
* attitude of service department
* Workmanship from their previous products
* Production time
* how long have them been in this business

Whether you are looking for a quick and easy low budget way to market your business or outdoor marketing campaign, Giant Inflatables will turn your ideas into reality.

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The most common usage of inflatables(III)

This is the third chapter of the series of “A Look Into The Inflatable Industry”. And this is the part III of “the most common usage of inflatables”.

We talked about inflatable fun city and sports yesterday. Today we will go into promotional inflatables. Promotional inflatables includes air dancer, arch, balloon, tent, blimp, product shape, etc.

  1. Air dancer. As seen by the name, it can dance in the air. Do you know wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man? It’s popular these days. Business man promote their brand using air dancer.
  2. Arch can be seen in many big events. It stand there, usually in red, with a blower on the side constantly blowing air. And, promotional words are written in big size on both side of arch.
  3. Balloon. Balloon is like air dancer, but with a round top like a ball.
  4. Tent. Some big corporations like to build a tent when promote their new products. Tent’s structure is very simple–four pillars and one ceiling. So tent is becoming more popular nowadays.
  5. Blimp. It’s not fire balloon, but a promotion method. We can often see blimps in the city sky, flying around to promote brand and build brand reputation.
  6. Product shape. Inflatable product shape is a method to promotion too. Mcdonalds and KFC always do this to promote. Beer, shampoo, tyres, many and many, you can see them everywhere.

It’s enough for today.

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The most common usage of inflatables(II)

This is the third chapter of the series of “A Look Into The Inflatable Industry”. And this is the part II of “the most common usage of inflatables”, hope you like it.

We talked about inflatable bouncers and inflatable sildes yesterday. Let’s go on our topic.

  1. Inflatable fun city. Built like a city either in true-life or in fairy tale. And usually this city contains bouncer and slides or obstacle, some cities even has inflatable sport. See inflatable fun city in some parks? Here you would have known that fun city is very huge and heavy.
  2. Infltable sports. There are many kinds of inflatable sports. If you like climbing, inflatable climbing wall will do. Run, obstacle, boxing, inflatable basketball, many and many. The advantage of inflatable sports is that you will not hurt youself, while the disadvantage is that you may not play to your heart’s content if you want to see much hidropoiesis.

Have a break. Go on tomorrow. :)

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The most common usage of inflatables(I)

This is the third chapter of the series of “A Look Into The Inflatable Industry”.

There are many kinds of inflatables. We will go through all these kinds and then you will have an overview of inflatables.

  1. Bouncer. In different place, bouncer have different names, like moonwalk, jumper, trampolines. If bouncer designed like house, then people call it bounce house or bouncy castle. The simpliest bouncer only has mattress, and can be bounced up and down over it. It’s not safe, as you know, especially for kids. So somebody add four walls around and a ceiling on the top, it’s bounce house. When Safety is not the problem, bounce house looks for a beautiful design. And then, dora bouncer and spiderman bouncers appear in people’s sight.
  2. Sides. Wow~. I personally think everyone like slides, say nothing of kids. Some guys spread a very thin mattress on their lawn and spout water on it and slides on it getting much happiness. Kids like slide from high to ground, and they like cartoon theme on slides. You may have seen elephant slides or santa slides before.

Ok, have a break today, we will go on the second part of “the most common usage of inflatables” tomorrow.

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why people like inflatables

This is the chapter two of my series of “A Look Into The Inflatable Industry”.

Let me list some reasons to explain why people like inflatables

  1. It’s easy to move from place place
  2. It’s funny. Moonwalk is a good experiment. Children love to bounce as if they were on cloud.
  3. Inflatable structure is firmly. “Using the best sewing machines ordered to handle nylon thread we double stitch the entire unit with the best 18 ounce heavy duty Vinyl.”
  4. When summer comes, inflatable water slide could give you a unforgetable happiness.
  5. During holidays or other events like birthdays, inflatables always play an important part. We can’t imagine how bad the event would be without inflatables.
  6. Inflatable sports getting more and more popular nowadays. Tunnels, boxing, obstacles.
  7. Many merchants rent inflatables for a living, they like inflatables more than anybody else. :)

Above I just list some common usage of intalbes that can bring people happiness. But we should also realize that all coins have two sides. After inflatables be used for 3 to 5 years and they go broken and people will throw them out, as a result, these broken inflatables pollute the evironment. We should take attention of that.

Next chapter, we will talk about the most common usage of inflatables.

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Inflatables all over

This is the chapter one of my series of “A Look Into The Inflatable Industry”.

when do you discover the inflatables around you?
Inflatables dives into our life stealthily.
Many people, from child to adult, from man to woman, from poor to rich, like inflatables. They bounce, jump, slide,  onquer inflatable obstabcles, doing inflatable sports.
Why inflatables so popular?
Maybe because of the vary use of inflatable things. Children’s birthday party(bouncer,inflatable water slides),sailing(inflatable boats), decoration(inflatable Halloween), ect.
Maybe because of the funny. People always can get happiness from inflatables, especially for children.
Of course, inflatable is just used for entertainment, and because of the material you can’t change a door to an inflatable door except you do not care thief go in and out your house.

Parents would like to rental inflatables during some event. Buying inflatable is not like buying watche, safety is the most important!

Next chapter, we will talk about why people like inflatables.

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