The Brief Introduction of Inflatables

The inflatable develops from the Second World War. The origin of inflatable is the artificial inflated weapon modal which is created by the allied armies to interfere the battle strategies of the counterparts. After war, the American advertisement company Tomsen created one kind of inflated advertisement modals of some cartoon characters in the cartoon Mickey [...]

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Inflatable games in children’s world

Inflatable game is a popular activity for the people all around the world, especially for kids. With soft PVC material, inflatable games totally are in high quality. In the giant air filled inflatables, safe devices are designed everywhere to protect kids from danger. Even if they fall from a steep slide when they climb up [...]

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why people like inflatables

This is the chapter two of my series of “A Look Into The Inflatable Industry”. Let me list some reasons to explain why people like inflatables It’s easy to move from place place It’s funny. Moonwalk is a good experiment. Children love to bounce as if they were on cloud. Inflatable structure is firmly. “Using [...]

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