Inflatable Bouncers

Inflatable bouncer, also know as moonwalk or inflatable jumper or inflatable trampoline. Kids and adults can bounce up and down on inflatable bouncers and have a lot of fun after they blow up the bouncer. Inflatable jumpers and moonwalk bouncers are always no-floor. While bounce houses are built like houses or castles, and decorate bounce houses with various themes. General Group produces jumpers and trampolines and indoor/outdoor inflatable bouncer.

NO.:GB-35 GB-35 Spiderman combo
NO.:GB-34 GB-34 Beer combo
NO.:GB-33 GB-33 Sport combo
NO.:GB-31 GB-31 Dragon Inflatables
NO.:GB-30 GB-30 hamburger
NO.:GB-29 GB-29 sailing boat
NO.:GB-28 GB-28 Rabbit bouncer
NO.:GB-27 GB-27 Sailboat bouncer
NO.:GB-26 GB-26 Corsair bouncer
NO.:GB-25 GB-25 Corsair bouncer
NO.:GB-24 GB-24 House bouncer
NO.:GB-20-B GB-20-B Tortoise bouncer
NO.:GB-20-A GB-20-A Tortoise bouncer
NO.:GB-19 GB-19 Combo
NO.:GB-18 GB-18 Dog bouncer
NO.:GB-17 GB-17 Mini house
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