Inflatable Tent

Inflatable ground camping tents have changed camping as we know it. You can set up your inflatable air pole tent in less than 60 seconds. When it's time to pack it up just turn the release valve and the air tent takes itself down. All you have to do is roll it up and put it away.Gneral Group is well known by creating an inflatable tent that can literally install itself, and by retaining the best technical features of standard poled tents, without the rigid poles.We produce inflatable bed tent, inflatable dome tent, inflatable party tent, inflatable jump tent, spiderman inflatable tent and many other inflatable tents with different shape and size.

NO.:GTE-68 GTE-68 Airtight tent
NO.:GTE-67 GTE-67 Airtight tent
NO.:GTE-66 GTE-66 Airtight tent
NO.:GTE-64 GTE-64 Medical tent
NO.:GTE-63 GTE-63 Inflatable tent
NO.:GTE-62 GTE-62 Event tent
NO.:GTE-61 GTE-61 Haunted tent
NO.:GTE-60 GTE-60 Inflatable booth
NO.:GTE-58 GTE-58 4 legs tent
NO.:GTE-57 GTE-57 Inflatable tent
NO.:GTE-56 GTE-56 Spider leg tent
NO.:GTE-54 GTE-54 Inflatable tent
NO.:GTE-53 GTE-53 Party tent
NO.:GTE-52 GTE-52 Selling Booth
NO.:GTE-51 GTE-51 The inflatable pub
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