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GSP-014  Hula Hoop Ring Toss Game

GSP-014 Hula Hoop Ring Toss Game
  • GSP-014 Hula Hoop Ring Toss Game
  • GSP-014 Hula Hoop Ring Toss Game

Designed with durability and safety in mind, our commercial inflatable Hula Hoop Ring Toss Game is made from premium materials and meets strict industry standards. It features vibrant colors, eye-catching graphics, and a sturdy construction that can withstand hours of play.
Whether you're organizing a carnival, school fair, or backyard gathering, this inflatable game is sure to attract attention and keep participants entertained. Challenge your guests' hand-eye coordination as they aim to toss the rings onto the hula hoops, promoting friendly competition and creating lasting memories.
With its versatility and portability, our Hula Hoop Ring Toss Game is easy to set up and transport. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it a versatile choice for various venues and occasions. From birthday parties to corporate events, this game will be a hit!
So, if you're looking to elevate the fun factor at your next gathering while boosting engagement and entertainment, our Commercial Inflatable Hula Hoop Ring Toss Game is the perfect choice. Contact us today to make your event unforgettable!


Size(meter): 4mLx3.3mWx1.8mH

Size(foot): 13ftLx11ftWx6ftH

Materials Commercial 15-18oz PVC coated Tarpaulin.
Certification CE, EN14960, ISO, ASTM and conform to Australian standard.
Packaging Details Carton for blower, PVC bag for inflatables
Warranty 2 Years
Shipping way Sea , Air , Express